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Desperately Searching for Glaciers

Climate change is a reality none of us can simply avoid addressing. If the glaciers continue to shrink at their current rate, most will disappear in as little as 50 years and this puts a tremendous impact on our environment and supply of fresh water - not to mention our ability to climb, hike and ski in such unique places. I can only hope there are enough people out there who share the same passion and are also willing to speak out about it.

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New Lift System Between Gant and Blauherd

We often see chairlifts being replaced by gondolas, but this is a rare case of a gondola being replaced by a chairlift. That's right! The existing (and much out-dated) gondola that onced spanned between Gant and Blauherd has been replaced by a 6-seater chairlift - all in part of Zermatt's huge CHF 1.1 billion infrastructure investment strateg.

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Product Review: Salomon QST 99 (VIDEO Format)

Salomon has shaken up their line of freeride skis with the new series they call “QST.” The first question is, of course, how different these skis are from Salomon’s “Quest” lineup (such as the Salomon Quest 105, Q-96 Lumen, and Q-Lab.).
Listen to Cody Townsend's explanation on this post from POWDER MAGAZINE.

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Product Review: Salomon MTN Explore

When word got out that Greg Hill and Killian Jornet would be designing a new line of backcountry products for Salomon and Atomic, we knew we’d be getting something out of the ordinary. In the end, many of these products exceeded our expectations but Salomon’s MTN Explore boots really stood out as an underestimated star.

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Alpine Confidential

Like their near relations, serious surfers, big-mountain skiers, and snowboarders are notoriously reticent when it comes to revealing their secret spots—those special places where terrain and conditions come together to create magic. For David Court, a research scientist at UC Santa Barbara and the mountaineer/entrepreneur behind Alpine Exposure, a full-service mountain adventure company based here in Santa Barbara, knowing where the riding will be best on any given day is a lifelong passion that he’s translated into a successful company.

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Peter & Christi Skiing the Hornli Ridge (VIDEO Format)

"It's not just about the skiing. It's about the whole Alps Experience."

"You're skiing in Switzerland in the morning and then heading to Italy for a Capuccino. It's really a uniue experience that you can't find anywhere else besides these little mountain villages in the Alps".

Later that week, we took Peter and Christi on an adventure of a lifetime, climbing the ridge of the Matterhorn and then skiing back to the village in perfect powder snow.

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Zermatt, Switzerland: Skiing the Matterhorn in Style

When I stepped out onto my hotel balcony in Zermatt, Switzerland, my first impression was simply, "Wow"! North American resorts like Whistler or Vail may have similar terrain, but they certainly don’t have mountains that look as dramatic as the Alps. I quickly realized that this would be the ski trip of a lifetime.

When I arrived in Zermatt, I found myself in a bustling square where ranks of electric taxis, hotel shuttles and horse-drawn sleighs were competing to ferry me to my hotel. Cars are forbidden in Zermatt but, never the less, the scene was quite overwhelming as vacationers poured out of the train. Luckily, I had made arrangements beforehand. Waiting for me at the platform was David Court from Alpine Exposure, the owner of a small tour company specializing in ski and snowboard vacations in the European Alps. He had conveniently arranged my entire itinerary and within a few minutes, we were loaded onto a small electro-wagon and quietly zipping off to the hotel.

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