New Lift System Between Gant and Blauherd

We often see chairlifts being replaced by gondolas, but this is a rare case of a gondola being replaced by a chairlift. That's right! The existing (and much out-dated) gondola that once spanned between Gant and Blauherd has been replaced by a 6-seater chairlift - all in part of Zermatt's huge CHF 1.1 billion infrastructure investment strategy.

Those already familiar with the resort will likely recall at least one frustrating moment at this necessary stop between the Gornergrat and Sunnegga ski areas - having to stand in a long line with other skiers and snowboarders keen on returning to the village before the slopes closed. It was often a disappointing way to end the day and the inefficient space once inside the gondola hardly enhanced the experience.

Fortunately, the upgraded lift will now be able to carry 1,800 people per hour and will mean the journey from Gant (2223m) to Blauherd (2571 m) will take a mere 3 minutes 36 seconds – a significantly faster trip to the top!.