Zermatt /Tandem Paragliding

Tandem Paragliding with Certified Pilots

With no prior experience necessary, you can soar the skies of Zermatt with a certified professional tandem pilot. This unique sensation of free flight is absolutely unforgettable!

Fortunately, paragliding thrives in areas like the Alps, where there's lots of sunshine, blue skies, and plenty of high mountains to fly from. Even better is the fact that you can take the cable car to reach the launching site. And with just a few running steps to assist the pilot, the launch is easy, precise, and truly exhilarating. Don't worry, there is no “jumping off“ of the mountain.

Vertical Distance: 1'500m / 4'921ft
Flight Time: 20 minutes plus
Starting Altitude: 3'100m / 10'170ft
Daily Flight Times: All Day - Weather Permitting
Price: CHF190/$220

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